Random Thoughts: Things I’ve done this year

Traveled to Myrtle Beach

Fell in Love

Traveled to Wisconsin

Traveled to SeaTac

Gained 20 pounds

Passed out at an Airport (Sorry mom nothing serious! lol)

Fell out of Love

Broke Someone’s Heart

Finally Admitted To Myself that My Heart was Broken

Traveled to Fort Lauderdale

Traveled to Chicago

Traveled to Indianapolis

Overcame Depression

Partially Realized my own Worth

Saw Logic

Traveled to Southern California

Traveled to NYC

Turned 30

Traveled to D.C.

Added my Mom on Facebook

Saw Bruno Mars

Became Emotionally Invested

Saw The Suffers

Broke Someone’s Heart, again 😦

Realized Life is Precious


Even though it’s only the beginning of October, this year has been one of the best years of my life. I love to enjoy these thoughts in the moment, because who knows what will happen tomorrow.  In regards to these memories,  there are definitely more events that have happened, but I think these outline the milestones of my year.  Some of these have very detailed stories behind them and maybe one day I’ll share their details, but for right now I’ll just let you ponder.


Author: Malc

Just a young adult tripping through life. 30 years old and I still don't have it all together, which is perfectly normal and ok. If you go through life knowing everything, what is the point of living? I'm just here waiting for my next adventure.

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